Servant Events & Mission Trips

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The Servant Event program at YLM provides opportunities for service to youth and adults from around North America. Servant event groups show God’s love through service at YLM as well as 6 mission sites in Juarez, 4 near Chihuahua City, and the Sparks and Horizon City Colonias in Texas just outside the El Paso city limits. Since our inception in 1982, servant events have been integral in supporting the ministries that occur here by working on projects related to mission maintenance, human care, education, and evangelism. We invite YOU to come and be a servant, using the time, talents, and treasures God has given you to touch someone in a way you may not even realize.

You can consult the Servant Event Handbook for a much more thorough picture of what YOUR servant event week here in the borderland might look like or follow the links below for some basics on:
Projects Transportation Sightseeing
Room and Board Fees, Forms, and Deadlines Testimonials

Reserve Your Date and Start Planning Your Event

Contact our current Servant Event Coordinator, Elvira Viramontes, with any questions or concerns, for more information, or to reserve your week! Trips run year-round and several great weeks are still available.

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