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Music With A Mission

The Adelante Music Ministry of YLM prepares musicians to serve in churches and in the community.  Mariachi San Pablo was established in 2001 so that children, teenagers, and adults have an opportunity to work together, making a positive impact on people’s lives through the music of culture and the message of Christian faith.  Mariachi San Pablo is ready to perform for your family, community, and church events.  Currently made of up teenage and adult musicians, the ensemble brings energy, skilled musicianship, and a message of deep hope in Jesus Christ to its performances.  Performing both secular and sacred music, Mariachi San Pablo is available to serve at a wide variety of events including:  Wedding services and receptions, Mother’s Day serenades, birthday parties, worship services, evangelism and outreach events, community events, etc…   Special “Mariachi Care Serenades” are offered free of charge to nursing home residents and other individuals whose life struggles and sadness calls for musical reminder “God loves you.”  Please click here for more information about “Mariachi Care Serenades.”

Spreading the Gospel…mariachi style!

Mariachi music is something that reaches into the heart of the Hispanic population in a unique and powerful way. However, people of diverse cultures enjoy Mariachi San Pablo’s music. Their repertoire includes a variety of music including traditional hymns and contemporary Christian songs in both English and Spanish. They also play a variety of music from the popular mariachi tradition. While at home on the US/Mexico Border, Mariachi San Pablo works to reach their community through music that both inspires and touches the lives of those who hear it. Since its beginning in 2001, the group has also traveled to 17 different U.S. States as well as into Mexico (103 cities in all), performing for a variety of Lutheran conventions, conferences, and church events, celebrating with and assisting others in reaching the Hispanic populations in their communities.

News and Pictures from Mariachi San Pablo Events and Activities

Hymns and Songs for Worship

A Dios el Padre Celestial …. Praise God from Whom All Blessing Flow

Alabare …. I Will Praise

Bueno es Alabar …… It Is Good To Praise

Busca Primero …. Seek Ye First

Canten con Alegría …. Sing With Joy

Change My Heart O God …. Cambia Mi Corazón

Cien Ovejas …. The Faithful Shepherd

Entre tus Manos …. With In Your Hands

Grano de Mostaza (La Montaña) …. Mustard Seed (The Mountain)

More Precious than Silver ….. Más Preciado que la Plata

Oración De San Francisco …. Prayer of St. Francis

Pescador de Hombres …. Fisher of Men

Resucito …. He Is Risen

Señor mi Dios …. How Great Thou Art

Sublime Gracia …. Amazing Grace

A Mighty Fortress is our God …. Castillo Fuerte

Savior When in Dust to You

Holy Holy Holy …. Santo Santo Santo

The Church’s One Foundation …. Un Solo Fundamento

Lift High the Cross …. Alzad La Cruz

Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee …. Jubiloso Te Adoramos

The Lord Is My Light …. El Señor es mi Luz

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

Additional Christian Songs

Hacia La Cruz …. Toward the Cross

Cristo es el Fundamento …. Christ is the Foundation

El Alfarero …. The Potter

El Justo …. The Righteous

Tu Eres El …. You Are He

Tu Nombre Levantare …. Lord I Lift Your Name on High

Un Día A La Vez …. One Day at a Time

Vamos Alabara al Rey …. Let Us Praise the King

Popular Music

Amor Eterno …. Eternal Love

Arboles de la Barranca … Trees of the Hill Side

La Bamba

Como Quien Pierde una estrella …. Who has lost a star

El Aguacero …. The Downpour

El Autlence …. A Man from Autla

El Rey …. The King

Gema ….Gem

Hermoso Cariño …. Lovely Affection

La Reina es el Rey …. The Queen is the King

Los Machetes

Mariachi Loco …. Crazy Mariachi

El Relámpago …. Lightning

Tata Dios …. Father God

Popurrí De Juan Gabriel …. Juan Gabriel Medley

La Negra …. Dark Skin Beauty

Performance History

LWML National Convention 2017, Albuquerque, NM

Lutheran Hour Ministries (LLL) 100th Anniversary Celebration 2016, St. Louis, MO

Texas Church Extention Fund Conference 2016, Austin, TX

LCMS National Hispanic Convention 2015, Tampa, FL

Texas Church Extention Fund Conference 2014, Austin, TX

LCMS National Youth Gathering 2013 – San Antonio, TX

LCMS National Hispanic Convention 2012, Irving, TX

LWML Rocky Mountain District Convention 2012, El Paso, TX

Texas District LWML Convention, 2010, Austin, TX

LCMS National Youth Gathering 2007 – Orlando, FL

LCMS National Hispanic Convention 2003, Los Angeles, CA

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