Sparks, TX: Family Outreach

Sparks, TX: Family Outreach2014-04-01T09:04:39+00:00

072-She-loves-it-_804x603Sparks is one of over 2000 unincorporated “Colonias” along the Texas-Mexico border. Developers sold low-cost land to families and promised to pave roads and install running water, but those never materialized.  Today Sparks is home to a distinct mix of gorgeous residences, modest homes, and dismal trailer homes. YLM’s relationship with the 1.2 square mile territory began in 2006, following devastating floods that ravaged the area.  Jorge and Elvira Viramontes, who live in Sparks but whose home escaped damage, were instrumental in getting the wheels turning to reach out to their neighbors via YLM.  Since 2006, God has continued to draw groups, volunteers, and grants to this U.S. Colonia, where we hope to someday begin a mission.  The first ever VBS was held at the Centro Comunitario Socorro Ramirez in spring 2009; the Community Center continues to be incredibly accommodating to VBS’s as well as other outreach events for children and adults.

See below for some images of the foundational steps toward planting a church in Sparks, just a 20-minute drive from YLM’s campus.