School Supplies and Scholarships

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011-Dora-Elizabeth-and-Nadia_602x602Education in Mexico is only free through the 6th grade, and if a child or family desires to continue their education, there are tuition payments to make.  Often, these children are needed to enter the job market in order to help the family earn needed money, or because there is no money to pay for middle, high school, and college.

Over the years, YLM has had a program where children were chosen to receive financial aid for their education, and we would often hear stories such as this:  One recipient of a scholarship through YLM and San Lucas in Anapra had her heart set on being a doctor, even though she was only in high school.  She was able to pay her tuition and other fees because of her scholarship, but had no extra money for additional books to help her learning.  She often went to the public library to look at medical textbooks, and because she could not afford them, she would spend hours copying the text into one of her notebooks she received from the school supply distribution, even taking the time to draw the pictures as they appeared in the textbook, thusly creating her own learning tool.

When we attend services in Mexico, and see children such as Ruby, who is 10 years old, and can recite the Apostles Creed from memory, we often think about her being a future leader and making a positive impact on her community. We know that through the scholarship program, anything is possible and Ruby’s potential will not be limited due to her family’s ability to pay or not pay for her education.

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