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[gdlr_tab title=”Categories”]Servant event work projects typically fall into 1 of 4 categories, although we are open to the skills and talents your group members bring to the table.

  • Church Maintenance/Improvement
  • Human Care
  • Evangelism
  • Combination Projects

Click on the tabs above to see a description of each.[/gdlr_tab]
[gdlr_tab title=”Church Maintenance/Improvement”]Church Maintenance/Improvement: Among all of the mission sites that YLM serves and the 4.2 acre campus of YLM in El Paso, there are always facilities that need minor repairs, clean-ups, and other maintenance projects. Having plumbing and electricity that function, roofs that don’t leak, floors that aren’t concrete, etc. helps our missionaries reach out to more people with ease.

[gdlr_tab title=”Human Care”]Human Care: The needs of the people in El Paso and Mexico are great. Servant events help fill their material as well as spiritual voids by building and repairing homes, distributing donations and conducting medical, dental, and eyeglass clinics in devastatingly impoverished areas. Bringing healing and wholeness of body…and soul.
[gdlr_tab title=”Evangelism”]Evangelism: Each year servant events organize and lead programs designed to educate and strengthen men, women, and children at the various ministry sites. Groups lead Vacation Bible Schools, perform concerts, or walk neighborhoods inviting people to hear the Good News. Sharing Christ with friends from BOTH sides of the border!
[gdlr_tab title=”Combination”]Combination Projects: We are flexible! Servant events are also able to divide their time (one project in the morning and another in the afternoons) or their group members (some people work on one type of project and some on another).

Open Projects Needing Volunteer Groups

KITCHEN ROOF REPLACEMENT EL PASO/YLM Church Maintenance/Improvement  12
SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSROOMS JUAREZ  Church Maintenance/Improvement  4-8
OFFICE PAINTING AND CLEAN UP  EL PASO/YLM Church Maintenance/Improvement   4-10
CLASSROOM REPAIR  JUAREZ Church Maintenance/Improvement   4-8
 HOME CONSTRUCTION  JUAREZ Church Maintenance/Improvement and Human Care  5-10 per home
ROOF REPAIR  JUAREZ Church Maintenance/Improvement and Human Care  3-5 per roof
*HEADCOUNT is the number of volunteers recommended to complete the project.

Completed Projects

MEXICO MISSION ELECTRIC UPGRADES JUAREZ   Church Maintenance/Improvement  Jan 2016
SIN PAREDES ROOF REPLACEMENT  JUAREZ  Church Maintenance/Improvement  Sep 2016