Mariachi Care Serenades

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The impact of a visit from Mariachi San Pablo to a nursing home, adult day care, or the doorstep of a person who is sick or under great stress can be great.  Mariachi San Pablo schedules free serenades or for agencies in El Paso whose residents might benefit from a Gospel-filled presentation of mariachi music.  On a case by case basis, Mariachi San Pablo will also gladly visit the home of a family in order to encourage by their music a person recovering from illness or a care-giver who is struggling under a difficult load.  A limited number of these free serenades are possible each month and are generally reserved for special cases of need.

Music to the ears…and the soul!

Many families and agencies choose also to contract Mariachi San Pablo for special occasions.  Please contact us at (915) 346-2819  if you would like more information.