King’s Table Luncheon (Mesa de Reyes)

King’s Table Luncheon (Mesa de Reyes)2014-04-01T08:29:53+00:00

228_635x476The King’s Table Luncheon (Mesa de Reyes) is held every Wednesday in Mexico at the “Church Without Walls” (Iglesia Sin Paredes) in Anapra.  It begins at 10AM and includes a meal, a drink, and a devotion.  During the summer months, attendance can reach as many as 100 children, although during the school year, numbers around 60 are more common.  The day begins with a prayer, and then the meal begins.   After everyone has had something to eat, the children and youth are divided into smaller groups Sunday School-like lessons and activities.

Servant event groups especially like to plan other events, such as Vacation Bible Schools, work projects, or even haircuts and manicures to coincide with the King’s Table, as the groups love the excitement and emotion that this event brings.