Juarez: Mision San Pedro y San Pablo

Juarez: Mision San Pedro y San Pablo2014-03-18T11:37:14+00:00

St. Peter and St. Paul is the newest addition to the YLM family.  This mission, which incorporated a former mission site, Martin Luther, is also called kilometer 30 as it sits near this marker on the highway outside Juarez.  The area is teeming with opportunity to spread the Gospel and Pastor Hernandez hopes to one day have a sanctuary built for the community.

Several servant events have built homes for those who currently host services in their homes.  Additionally, medical clinics and meals are held at the site each month along with the weekly devotions of lessons and singing.  Although children are the primary attendees to these services, Pastor Hernandez says he had begun to see them bringing their parents and grandparents as well.  Pastor says he is overjoyed at how the mission has grown in the short time since it begun, and prays that more people will continue to attend and hear the good news he brings.