Janos: Family Outreach

Janos: Family Outreach2014-04-01T08:33:19+00:00

monteverde-029_600x804Janos is a community battling economic poverty among the indigenous villagers.  YLM’s relationship with Janos began in 2006, when then-mayor Celso and his wife Emma heard about our distributions of human care items via word-of-mouth. They ventured to the El Paso campus and explained their constituents’ situation, pleading our assistance from time-to-time in exchange for helping us transport large loads of donations to our Juarez missions by way of their contacts in Mexican customs. Celso is no longer in office, but the relationship he and Emma initiated endures. The wealthy couple donated a plot of land in Janos to YLM where one day, God-willing, a church will be built.

See below for photos of a January 2011 distribution in Janos and of Celso and Emma, fearless advocates for God’s children there.