Horizon City, TX: Family Outreach

Horizon City, TX: Family Outreach2014-03-31T18:50:19+00:00

015-and-sebastian_804x603An offshoot of the Sparks Colonia program, YLM began working in the neighboring Colonia of Horizon City, TX, in June 2009. It boasts a similar blend of housing styles: we often drive past the Horizon Golf Estates on our way to our worksites there. Shelter is our primary concern; Horizon City lacks the facility that Sparks has for Vacation Bible Schools and other types of outreach. It does however, boast one of the El Paso Education Service Center’s Region 19 Head Start facilities. Hearing about what we were doing in the community around one of their schools, one of their social workers contacted YLM about a potential partnership. Many of their students are living in deplorable conditions that detract from their learning even at such a young age. They call from time to time with a particularly dire case, and we are able to check in with them if servant event groups request particular types of projects.

See below for some images of what has been a fruitful relationship thus far in this community slightly northeast of Sparks.