Home Construction and Repair

Home Construction and Repair2014-03-18T11:35:09+00:00

Another of the many ways that YLM provides close and personal care to families in need is through home construction and repair.  This service became part of YLM’s work in 2001 when servant events began building “Round Houses” using house-kits provided by The Orphan Grain Train.  Before long, YLM began leading groups in the construction of more standard homes in Juarez as replacements for the dangerous, substandard housing of families there.

Home repairs are also provided by servant event groups and have included roof projects ranging from patching a leak to tearing off and rebuilding an entire new roof, as well as plumbing, painting, tiling, electrical work, concrete pouring, and even replacing windows.  YLM has a team of construction leaders in place to assist in projects as needed, so no experience is required.

Our construction and repair projects are available on both sides of the border, although some projects may be limited in El Paso due to building codes and permits.