Health and Hygiene

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008-little-girl-Dulce-listens-to-her-heart-at-Santisima-Trinidad-clinic_603x804YLM is blessed in that our staff and Mexico mission sites are equipped to host makeshift medical, dental, and eyeglass clinics free of charge. Servant events that have health professionals along provide all of the supplies, treatments, and medications. The story is told of a nurse from a St. Louis, MO, area church who was planning to participate in an upcoming medical trip when her husband suddenly passed away. She considered backing out, but felt the Holy Spirit prodding her to stay a part of the team and come down to YLM. On the last day of the clinic, everything and everyone was cleaned up and loaded into the vans for the most part, but she hung back making sure the site was spotless and they hadn’t forgotten anything. It was then that a young couple and their baby, already bluish in the face from lack of oxygen, ran frantically toward her. The nurse was able to resuscitate the child, and the parents cried out with joy.  The miracle was a powerful testament to why God needed and wanted her there at that time–God knows His plans for us!

The emphasis is always on Jesus as the Great Physician, healing those who ailed bodily and spiritually.

Licensing restrictions make duplicating such offerings impossible in the United States, but similarly skilled groups will occasionally provide  “health checks” (blood pressure and glucose checks, OTC medications, Q & A on other health and hygiene issues) or teach various health-related classes (CPR, dental hygiene, parenting, etc.).

Health and Hygiene Kits:

Hygiene-kit-3_804x600Hygiene kits are another big way YLM addresses health needs on the border.  These kits are made available twice per year, in conjunction with the school supply and Christmas toy distributions.  Since 2006, 8,264 kits have been distributed on both sides of the border.  Kits generally contain hygiene items such as soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, and washcloths.  As they are available, these kits also contain basic medicines such as pain reliever, cough medicine, and ointments.