Giving Catalog


Select the project or wish-list item from the choices below that you wish to sponsor with a financial gift. Is there a ministry focus you wish to sponsor that you do not see here? Contact us so we can help.

Greatest Need

Direct your donation to the greatest need as we reach out to thousands of people each year.

Support a Brighter Christmas

Direct your donation towards items for our winter distribution.

Educational Success

Provides scholarships and other important items needed for school.

Food for Hungry Families

Provide needed staples and opportunities to grow sustainable food sources.

International Mission Support

Provide for 9 international missions from Juarez to the Sierra Madre Mountain villages.

Leadership Education

Provide a foundation in ministry and education for our leaders.

Music Ministry

Support music education for our community.

Building Remodels and Repairs

Jail and Prison Ministries

Share the Good News of Christ with those incarcerated and in need of His love.


Support our vehicle needs as we work along the border.

Avenues to Better Health

Provide peace of mind to families during the cold and flu season.

Animals in a Mini-Ark

Help families lift themselves out of poverty through raising and utilizing animals and their products.