dining-at-the-hot-meal-programEach week, hundreds of people come to YLM’s campus in El Paso to take part in one program or another.  Two of the highest attended are the daily hot meal program and the weekly food basket distribution.  Recently, a young mother told us about a time a few years ago when the food from YLM was all that she and her daughter survived on for a month.  Her husband had left her, leaving her to care for her daughter by herself with a very limited income.  Each day, this woman and her daughter came to the YLM campus to receive four plates from the hot meal program.  They would eat two of these plates for lunch, and take the remaining two home for dinner.  This was how they were able to make sure that they received adequate food and nutrition while employment was sought.  Finally, after a month of doing this, the young woman found a job and was able to provide for her family.

Hot meal programs are also underway at some of our mission congregations in Mexico.  A weekly meal is held on Wednesday’s at Iglesia Sin Paredes (Church Without Walls) in Anapra, and once per month at the St. Peter and Paul site.



Another way YLM reaches out to alleviate physical hunger is through the weekly food basket distribution.  Every Saturday, over 100 families receive food through this program.  Donations from Orphan Grain Train, The West Texas Food Bank, and local produce companies help to fill the warehouse, and in turn, the food baskets.  There are times where staff members have overheard participants telling others that without this program, there would be missed meals at their home.  At this time, we have to limit distribution to a fixed number each week, and we hope in the future that we will be able to lift this cap and help even more hungry families.

YLM also assists individuals in Mexico with food baskets.  Each mission site in Juarez provides food to the community that it serves, and our outreach goes even further.  Churches affiliated with YLM in Chihuahua City also help alleviate hunger in their city, and even bring food to the Tarahumara Indians in the mountain villiage of Sicachique.

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