Food Baskets

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thank-youFrom 2006 through 2010  YLM was  honored to distribute 20,102 food baskets in El Paso in addition to the bulk food shipments that were sent into Mexico.  A few of these food baskets helped Jorge feed his family:

Despite his best efforts, Jorge needed food for his family.  When he first arrived at YLM he brought with him a picture of his family, his diploma from law school, and his paperwork showing that he had passed the equivalent of the bar exam to become a lawyer in Mexico.  There was just one problem, he could not find work.  His family was just about out of food, and they were beginning to get very hungry.  He had heard about our food distribution program from friends, and traveled to El Paso to see if any food was available.  Unfortunately, that day the YLM warehouse was empty.  We were able to provide everything we could quickly gather together and encouraged him to return on Saturday because a shipment of donated food was expected to arrive soon.  Bright and early on Saturday morning, he returned, received a basket, and was overcome with emotion and gratitude.

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