Fees, Forms, and Deadlines

Fees, Forms, and Deadlines2017-06-01T12:28:15+00:00

Fees, Forms, and Deadlines

The servant event fee structure is as follows:

El Paso/Juarez trips:

  • $260/person registration (admin, lodging, transportation)
  • $100/person meals with Rita (exclude if you plan to do your own cooking)
  • $200/person construction–special rates may apply for full house builds depending on your group size (exclude if you plan to do a non-construction project)

Chihuahua City trips:

  • $18/person admin
  • $40/person/night room and board
  • $1250 flat transportation fee

A $50/person non-refundable deposit is due upon registration, and the balance of your fees is due NO LATER THAN one month prior to your arrival date (early is OK!). This is to ensure that everything is ready for you when you arrive, so we ask for your partnership in abiding by our deadlines so we can help you have the best possible week!

Please also download, reproduce, and have your group members fill out and return the following forms: