Adopt A Mission

Baptism 1

The best is yet to come for the men, women, and children served in these unique missions and churches on the border.  Each community and group of Christian believers has its own set of gifts, joys, needs, struggles, and opportunities.  Any gift to Ysleta Lutheran Mission Human Care is a gift to the greatest needs of all our programs and ministries; however if you would prefer to focus in on and build a relationship with one of the missions/churches in particular, “Adopt a Mission” is your tool.

When you Adopt a Mission, you will receive information and pictures from that mission and periodic letters/emails/prayer requests from that mission.

You may pledge to do any or all of the three actions below:

  • pray for that mission
  • materially or financially support that mission
  • tell others about that mission.  There is so much good news coming out of this mission field, it gives great reason to celebrate.

If you would like more information on the “Adopt-A-Mission” program, please contact Chris Hill at (915)858-2588 or