Bulk Clothing Distribution

Bulk Clothing Distribution2014-03-31T17:51:36+00:00

IMG00518-20101201-1428_635x476As with the food, YLM provides clothing and other items to non-profit organizations in El Paso and Juarez, local and state government agencies, and churches in both Juarez and El Paso.  The Mayors offices in Juarez and Janos, the state office of the Tarahumara, and The San Pedro Senior Center have received these items.  Not only are they provided with clothing, but even medical supplies, equipment, school desks and hospital beds have been provided from YLM to help these organizations with the work they do for their communities.

Like the Bulk Food Distribution, the Bulk Clothing Distribution is not limited to just our mission and mission sites.  We have been supporting our mission sites in Juarez with items that they have used to open their own small stores in an effort to bring in some money to help their churches, as well as providing boxes and pallets of clothes to be distributed to those in their communities.  From the Tarahumara villages of Sicachique to St. Stephen Lutheran Church in San Lorenzo, Pastor Tovar and his wife Blanca bring many articles of clothing to the communities they serve.