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MOST Ministries Hosts Eyeglass Clinic

9 members of MOST (Mission Opportunity Short Term) Ministries team 1622 spent a week partnering with us to provide four days of eyeglass clinics at two of our missions in Juarez.  Monday and Tuesday, the team served the community around San Pedro and San Pablo mission at Kilometer 30 in south Juarez.  On Wednesday and Thursday, the team served the residents of Anapra through the clinic at San Lucas Lutheran Church.

Over the course of the week, nearly 500 patients were seen.  Each day began with either Pastor Hernandez, Panchis, or Javier leading the team and visitors in song, followed by a message sharing the Grace of Jesus.  From there, each individual was checked by a nurse for any problems with their eyes.  The next station was a reading and distance test used to determine the appropriate prescription needed for both types.  Following the test, the ‘patients’ were given a variety of glasses near the determined prescription to allow them to fine tune their vision even more.  Once they had selected the pairs which worked best, the glasses were then adjusted and fitted to their face.

Some of those served received two pairs of glasses, while other were blessed to need no help with correcting their vision.  After doing all the math, 537 total pairs of eyeglass were given out to those who attended the clinic.  In addition to glasses, one woman, who was unable to be helped with lenses, was provided with a cane to help her navigate around the community. For those who did not need corrective lenses, sunglasses were provide, as were child size fun sunglasses for all of the children in attendance.  Additionally, each participant left with a bracelet and literature explaining how each bead served as a reminder of what Jesus did for each of them.

Another clinic is scheduled for early April in Juarez, with hopes for another in Chihuahua City soon.

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