Saint Paul Families Serve Together

Saint Paul Families Serve Together

14 members of Saint Paul Lutheran Church in Mount Prospect, Illinois made a quick trip to El Paso during their spring break to serve 2 families in the Sparks Colonia, just east of El Paso City Limits.  This group, made up primarily of families, with participants ranging from 5th grade to retired persons, attacked several small projects for the Saucedo and Sosa families.  Over the past few years, groups have changed the lives of these families through their work in providing them new homes, and this year they had the opportunity to put some more work in enhancing the lives of their friends.

Projects for this quick trip included painting a home, beginning work on a kitchen addition including electric, drywall, and taping, painting other rooms, flooring, and several other small projects to benefit both families.  Additionally, some time was spent playing with the children on Saturday and admiring the new puppies born to the Sosa family.  One of the discussions during devotions centered on how Christ can be seen through each individual.  Discussing how the neighbors and community continually see groups working in their neighborhood was a popular answer.  Not only was the love of Christ seen through the actions of the group, but also in how they were treated by the families they served.

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