Anapra (Juarez) – Iglesia Luterana Sin Paredes

Anapra (Juarez) – Iglesia Luterana Sin Paredes2014-04-23T14:59:20+00:00

166_635x476Iglesia Luterana Sin Paredes (“Church Without Walls”) is YLM’s newest Mexico mission affiliate, located in Anapra just west of Iglesia Luterana San Lucas. It’s name bears a double meaning. First of all, when the ministry first began, services were held outdoors underneath a tarp–literally without walls! Even though there are plenty of walls now, the second significance is still valid: to symbolize that the church is not something confined by 2 x 4′s and sheetrock or even cement blocks and mortar, but rather two or more Christians gathered in His name.

The aformentioned humble beginnings came in 1998, by way of missionaries living in El Paso but not affiliated with YLM. The buildings that are still there today were built by a church in MI, who consistently sent mission teams to the area. In 2008, the missionaries (who had a past connection to our ministry and knowing that we were already active in the area) offered to donate the site to YLM “as-is” in hopes of re-launching ministry. YLM missionaries Javier Lozano and Rosy Lira, along with the Sunday school teachers from Iglesia Luterana Cristo Rey accepted the mission, literally. On the Wednesday of Holy Week 2009, volunteers from Cristo Rey helped relaunch a weekly food/Sunday school program at the church called the “Mesa de Reyes” (“Kings Table”). The first week of meals and children’s classes served 150 children, and it doubled the following week. Worship services began to be held in May 2009. Another feat of note from the fledgling church is the completion of a retaining wall on the perimeter of the property. The goal was to ensure a firm foundation so that Sunday school classrooms can be added down the road, but a bonus was the Holy Spirit working through the fellowship of so many Christian brothers laboring together.

The unexpected donation of Sin Paredes and the opportunity it provides to reach out to more people in the Anapra area is just one example of God’s plan for reaching the lost unfolding through the work of His servants here at YLM.

Opportunities for adoration and education:

  • Worship service, Sundays at 11:00 am
  • English classes, Wednesdays at 9:00 am
  • Mesa de Reyes, Wednesdays at 10:00 am

See below for photos of the walls at the Church Without Walls, and all that God has been doing inside them since YLM’s acquisition of the property.