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Improve Life Through Education – ¡Adelante!

Just because you are where you are doesn’t mean you have to stay there.  YLM certainly seeks to alleviate pain and suffering through immediate aid for families and individuals in need through distribution of food and other supplies.  It works also for long-term improvement of people’s lives and communities through education.  The Adelante Ministries of YLM is one of the vehicles employed to achieve this goal.

What Does “Adelante” Mean?

Adelante Pic 11Adelante means “forward,” “later on,” and even “come in!”  The goal of the Adelante Ministries of YLM is to accomplish every sense of this word in people’s lives:
  • to provide education and skill that will move people forward, out of their problems and struggles, and into a better place in life; (seguir adelante)
  • to welcome people into our lives, churches, and communities even if they are different from us; (¡Adelante!)
  • and while short-term gain is great, we strive together for good that will come in the long term (mas adelante)

Since our beginning in 2001, Adelante has provided music education, music performance ensembles, leadership training, language classes, Bible studies, marriage classes, downloadable podcasts, musical recordings, and more as means to Cultivate knowledge, hope, and skill; Reach out to others near and far in need of help and inspiration, and Unite families, generations, and races in celebration and faith. These three words have been key to our vision for a better world, especially as people are brought into knowledge of God’s Good-News accomplishment through Jesus Christ.

Cultivate – Reach – Unite

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