Anapra (Juarez): Iglesia Luterana San Lucas

Anapra (Juarez): Iglesia Luterana San Lucas2014-03-31T17:43:53+00:00

036-Tony-and-his-sister-Cristal-Naomi_635x476Anapra is located on the extreme West side of Juarez; it is one of the poorest communities in the area, growing out of the city’s old garbage dump many years ago. Cardboard shacks and pallet houses are common forms of shelter for the people that live there, and many roads are unpaved and ridden with potholes. Despite great economic need however, there has been incredible dedication from the people of this community to serve the first of two YLM affiliated congregations there, Iglesia Luterana San Lucas (“St. Luke”). It is pastored by lay minister Javier Lozano. The campus consists of a spacious sanctuary, a multi-purpose room, a dormitory, and various other buildings that primarily serve as Sunday school classrooms but are also used for medical clinics. Plans are in the works to dedicate one of the buildings to a daycare center, part of a citywide effort to create jobs in hopes of deterring people from involving themselves in the drug trade as a way of life.

San Lucas has a working Constitution and is governed by a Church Council; congregational president Panchis Alvarez is heavily involved in San Lucas’s ministry. Most recently, servant events have ministered to the San Lucas congregation by building the new sanctuary (winter 2008) and painting it inside and out, renovating the dorm showers, holding medical, dental, and eyeglass clinics there, and tiling the majority of the sanctuary’s floor. The sanctuary has also been enhanced by new ceiling light fixtures and matching chairs that provide enough seating for the church’s burgeoning membership.

Weekly opportunities for adoration and education:

  • Worship service/Sunday school, Sundays at 2:30 pm
  • Adult Bible study, Wednesdays at 3:30 pm

See below for some images of the church at the heart of the broken, yet beautiful community that has captivated so many–from servant events that have worked in cooperation with San Lucas to the committed individuals behind the ministry and the happenings in the life of this emergent congregation.