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Areas of Texas & Mexico Served by YLM

In addition to the missions and churches listed below, YLM works with more than thirty other community organizations and government agencies such as orphanages, libraries, schools, and clinics to distribute help throughout the region.

YLM supports year-round ministry in El Paso and at mission sites in several of the poorest communities throughout northern Mexico. The mission church bodies in the metro area of Juarez work together to facilitate ministry in their communities. Members from one mission congregation can often be seen helping out with Bible Classes or Vacation Bible School at a different mission site and these congregations even worship together on special occasions in celebration of Baptism or Confirmation.

YLM is located at one of the major passageways between the United States and Mexico.  The border is fluid with thousands of people crossing both directions every day.  Based in a five-acre campus one mile from the Zaragoza International Bridge, YLM’s ministries and services also cross both directions.


United States

Ysleta Lutheran Mission Human Care is headquartered on a 4.2 acre campus in El Paso, TX.  El Paso is a community rich in history and culture, sharing borders with Mexico, New Mexico, and a unique collection of U.S. military bases: Ft. Bliss, White Sands Missile Range, and Holloman Air Force Base.  YLM operates in some of the most economically depressed areas of El Paso County.  Please click on the links for more information about each site.

In addition to these churches/missions, the ¡Adelante! Music Ministry and its performing group Mariachi San Pablo have provided music classes and performances at churches, community centers, and conventions throughout the United States.

When servant events travel to YLM for weeks of service and spiritual growth, they return home more connected to their faith and ready for local service.  The work of YLM has an impact in immeasurable ways throughout the United States.


Ysleta Lutheran Mission is truly blessed with a geographic location and a largely bilingual staff that make international ministry not only a possibility, but a reality. We currently work directly in ten communities in Mexico (not to mention the impact made indirectly through partnerships with Mexican non-profits and government agencies.)

Six of them are located in and around Cd. Juarez, just across the border from El Paso.   El Paso and Juarez share a one-of-a-kind border and together constitute an enormous metropolis with an international border fence running through the middle.  Two cities share more than a mountain valley.  They share customs, traditions, languages, cuisine, and a deep need for a Savior.  For the past several years, Juarez has been the battleground of rival drug cartels warring over prized trafficking routes into the United States, but YLM has continued to be a presence of mercy throughout. We strive to be Christ’s light during this critical time in the history of the borderland, shining brightly to the over two million people whose lives have been blackened by violence and corruption.

Mexico Border Communities & YLM affiliates:

The remaining four are located further south, in:

Chihuahua City can be reached easily by a 5-hour coach bus ride and also boasts an international airport; the others are higher up in “the Sierra” (a mountain range), and can only be reached by a bumpy ride on the back of a flatbed! The population in these areas is heavily influenced by the Tarahumara Indian tribe–another reminder that God loves ALL His people and wants ALL to come to a knowledge of Him! YLM also has a relationship with the people in the village of Janos, although it has yet to become a full-fledged mission site.

Please click each link to read up on the dynamic work that God is doing through His humble servants in each of these unique places!