Stage Monitors – Mariachi San Pablo Evangelism Concerts

Donation Goal For This Project is $1,400
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yamaha monitors

Current Need: Three, high-quality stage monitors:  Total cost:  $1,264 plus shipping is the list price for the ones that fit our needs. (note: we will seek a charitable discount from the vendor when funds are available to place the order, any unused funds would be applied to other sound equipment needs of Mariachi San Pablo)

Why? Concerts held in any location, but especially ones held outdoors require good sound support.  When Mariachi San Pablo travels, it often performs as part of the outreach of churches that cannot supply their own equipment and certainly not equipment adequate for excellent outdoor performances.  We’ve found that the best option (albeit much more work for YLM’s musicians) is for Mariachi San Pablo to bring a sound system with them when traveling on long tours or weekend outings not involving airplane travel.

On July 20th, Mariachi San Pablo will drive to Tucson, AZ and multiple locations in California, including two state prisons.  Will you help us acquire the final items of equipment needed for the concerts that are planned.  This equipment will also serve future evangelism opportunities, including our plans to perform in prisons throughout New Mexico and Colorado next year.

Download this project description to share with your group:  Project Description PDF